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July 2018 Days Of Gratitude: Day 15


Travel. I love having the ability to travel. Every since my college years, I’ve been able to see all sorts of places. First, it was other college towns with friends and family. Once I left college, I got to see more of the country and the world. Either way, being able to see communities different than the one that I live in is amazing to me.

I was born and have spent the majority of my life in Indianapolis. When I was in college, in was in a medium sized city named Terre Haute, IN. There was a brief time in history where I lived in Las Vegas–we can talk about that over drinks. I got to visit a lot of places from all the spots that were home base. Some of my favorites include New Orleans, Washington DC, San Diego, and Catalina Island. I also have a few international spots where I have thoroughly enjoyed myself–Vancouver, Tijuana, Oslo, and Copenhagen (my all time fave).

The best thing about traveling to new places is experiencing the culture and diving into the community. I love seeing new beautiful lands but exploring the cultures and communities makes for a very fulfilling and educational experience. Learning about new areas and people make the ability to travel so awesome to me. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to travel…as I write this post from St Louis. I appreciate new places and thank them for embracing me.



July 2018 Days Of Gratitude: Day 14


Martin_Luther_King,_Jr.Trailblazers. Not the professional basketball team but people who came before me whose actions made it possible for me to do what I do today. I’m particularly thankful for the pioneers who pushed to for equal voting rights and employment opportunities. Many individuals, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., organized and fought for voting rights for blacks. Here in Indianapolis, a group of firefighters set out on a career to serve their community–even though not everyone in that community did not want them in it.

IFD Black Fire CoToday, I personally reap the benefits of justice and equality fighters of the 1950s & 60s. I can now vote in elections and my vote counts. Being able to have a voice in our governmental representation is vital to seeing policies important to me implemented. I also get to help people as a firefighter and EMT in the city that I love. Indianapolis saw its first black firefighters in 1867 but segregation was very much the norm during that time. Now, I serve along side my brothers and sister of many different racial backgrounds.

To all of the pioneers of the past who made it possible for me to live the way that I do and serve in the capacity that I do, thank you. I greatly appreciate all that you did and all the you sacrificed in order for me to be where I am today. Much gratitude.


July 2018 Days Of Gratitude: Day 13


Role-of-Media-in-NepalI’m grateful for real journalists and newspapers. In a day and age where journalism is being attacked, I think that it’s  important to remember that this service is valuable to all of us. There are a number of people who vilify media and news gatherers while claiming most of it is ‘fake news’. Unfortunately, there are a few unhinged folks that have actually resorted violence against journalists. The fact of the matter is that we needRole of Media in Generating Public Opinion the truth seekers to report on what is happening in our communities and around the world.

The press provides information to the masses that aims to keep us safe, hold our leadership accountable, and create public awareness. I love all these things about true journalism. With so many different media outlets and participants today, it may be hard to determine what is fact-based news verses opinion or propaganda but legitimate news for the people is one of the most valuable treasures of a free society.

To the journalists and newspapers and editors and reports and truth seekers in our communities and around the globe, thank you. I really do mean it. I am grateful for all that you do–and I believe that the vast majority of us appreciate you, too.



July 2018 Days Of Gratitude: Day 12


Indiana_State_University_Logo-200x200March on! I’m grateful for good ol’ Indiana State University. My college years were spent and a university located in Terre Haute, IN. I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Legal Studies and a ton of memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I know that a lot of people probably feel the same about their respective colleges; I know that my time and my experiences there helped shape who I am today and I appreciate it all–the good, the bad, and the ugly.

College isn’t something for everyone. Going away for the traditional college experience isn’t always the answer but for me it was great. I was challenged to think about things in new ways. My perspective on things shifted and I matured from the kid from the northwest side of Indianapolis. Relationships and bonds were formed that will last for a lifetime.

Thank you ISU! I always will rep Blue and White for the Sycamores. I said it from my first day on campus…State is Great! I appreciate all that I gain from Indiana State. Gratitude.


July 2018 Days Of Gratitude: Day 11



I am grateful for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). This may be an odd thing to be thankful for to some but I think that this nonprofit organization is one that the majority of individuals should support. The ACLU states in its mission “to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.” The ACLU has gone to bat for individuals and organizations in courtrooms and in legislatures–local and federal. The organization fights to protect us from religious persecution, sexual orientation discrimination, and racial inequality.

Since its inception in 1920, the ACLU has taken on major issues that were tough battles among the citizens across the country. From combating racism along side with the NAACP to stand up for Native American rights to pushing liberty_dissent_is_patrioticpolicies to stop police brutality. Today, one of the fights that the ACLU is taking up are the issues surrounding the handling of immigrants coming into the United States and particularly those coming with children; the inhumane extended separation of children from their parents with very little organization or planning for reunification is something that needs to be address and the ACLU has answered the call to hold our elected officials accountable for this while informing the public on what is happening.

Our country has a great organization in the ACLU. It is a delicate and difficult task to protect and balance fairness and equality in a country full of so many diverse ideas and philosophies; along with our different government branches, organizations like the ACLU do a good job of maintaining accountability to the people. I certainly appreciate that personally and I am grateful for the ACLU and the work that they do.

Please consider clicking here for my ‘birthday donation celebration’ and join me in aiding the ACLU in their efforts to protect and defend people civil rights and freedoms.22007410_10154766665086813_6155911272222713941_n


July 2018 Days Of Gratitude: Day 10


So, technology gets a bad rap from time to time. Sometimes it fails when we want to it work. Sometimes it eats up too much of one’s time. Sometimes it stifles authentic maxresdefaultcommunication between us. With the potential snags we run into with technology, I’m grateful for technology and the continue advancements that comes along with it.

For me, technology allows me to do a number of things. My business is completely technology driven–graphic and web design. Technology protects me on emergency runs as a firefighter/EMT. Maintaining connections and communications with family and friends across the country and all over the world would not be possible without technology.

I think that technology is a good thing and it makes a lot of daily tasks either easier or even more enjoyable. I like the progress that it can bring to our lives. I like the possibilities that it opens up for change. I appreciate where technology has come from and believe that it has an infinitely positive future with good for us all. I’m grateful for technology.


July 2018 Days Of Gratitude: Day 9


Anyone who knows me knows that I love my job. It took a lot for me to get to where I am and I’m grateful for being a firefighter. I’m also grateful for the process that got me to this point. If it were not for the journey that I have to endure to get here then I don’t think that I would appreciate this as much as I do.

And the journey started well before the academy, which was a tough chapter all of its own. I was interested in the fire service when I moved back to Indianapolis in 2008. The problem was that the Department wasn’t hiring until 2013. I languished in multiple jobs that I didn’t like during those five years. I was eventually let go of the main income gig and was about ready to give up on the firefighter dream.

When I finally got the call from the Indianapolis Fire Department and started the academy, I was overwhelmed. I battled physical and mental stress that was caused by forces both inside and outside of fire academy. There were days where it made sense to quit–if you didn’t know me–but I just could shake the idea that this is what I’m suppose to do.

And here I stand now, in my 5th year. By no means a veteran in this field but definitely someone who has seen and learned a lot in this profession and I’m hungry for more. I am grateful for this job and I appreciate all that it provides and the process that brought where I am. I look forward to what else it has in stored for me.


July 2018 Days Of Gratitude: Day 8


I’m thankful for the talents that I have been blessed with. There are things that I have found that I can do that are appreciated by others for the simple fact that other just can’t quite do certain things the way that I can–and it makes me feel good to help them.

MoveRight Media & Design is my business!

For instance, people come to me for help when it comes to web site design issues. I took up an interest in web design years ago and started learning more and more about it. Now, I operate my own web design business.

Also, I seem to have a thing for resumé writing. I’m not sure if it stems from all the practice I got shortly after graduating college but I got good at finding different ways to highlighting work experience and skills. Folks have asked me to review resumés a lot over the years and I enjoy doing so.

Now, I’m not saying that I do either of those things the best but I think that I have a unique skill in both and a few other things. Whatever your talent is, use it and if you can use it to make life better for someone else then that is even better. I truly believe that it’s important to use the talents that you have been blessed with because they are designed with a purpose. They were given to you specifically and nobody can use them in this world like you. I’m grateful for my talents and hope that they are constantly used for positivity and progress.


July 2018 Days Of Gratitude: Day 7


I. Love. Music. Seriously–I love it. I pretty much need music. It just makes me feel better no matter what. I’ve sang in choirs in elementary as a kid and in church as an adult. I used to play music instruments throughout my middle and high school days–even a couple of years in college. I always play music for my kids when we are together. I sing or hum at work, sometime while runs. Again, I love music.

Now, I’m not a fan of all music but I do listen to a wide variety. My favorite artist are so unrelated to each other it’s funny–Norah Jones, Jeezy, Michael Jackson, Anthony Hamilton, DMX, BB King, and OutKast. For real, those are my top choices but some times I get in the mood for some Josquin Desprez or Frederic Chopin. If I’m in a wilder mood then I’ll turn some Luciana and Bodyrox on. Music is just an essential part of who I am and I can appreciate it in different ways. I’m thankful for music and the artists that put their talents out for the masses to enjoy.


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