Thankful: The Corner…

A boxer steps into the ring to battle. He heads to the middle of the ring to meet his opponent where they trade blows. He delivers some great shots but takes a couple himself. The bell chimes indicating the end of the round; he turns to his corner. The corner is the place where he recharges, refuels, and regroups. His coach and training staff feed him with water and strategy so he can go out to meet his opponent with the energy and knowledge needed to not be overtaken.

This is the same in life. We venture out to take on the world and we get dinged up and bruised from time to time. Our home is our corner. My wife and I just purchased a new house and are anxious to make it our home. This is a big deal for me because I am a first time home buyer. It’s also a big deal because I am someone that didn’t have his own place for a time period; I relied on the benevolence of others when I wasn’t able to keep my place. But to have your corner that you chose and is where you can seek refuge is huge. My corner will have my wife to help me stay focused on my goals, my daughters to keep me inspired to rise to higher heights, and my God to provide me with the strengthen needed to persevere no matter the circumstance.

It is exciting to have bought a new house that is primed to be made into a home. I can’t help but to wonder what memories our home will hold. My corner, my home is where my everything will come from that I need to handle what the streets have for me. I’m thankful for the corner–our new home.


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Thankful: The Calling…

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life–a mean a WHOLE BUNCH of jobs. I’ve worked in all sorts of different arenas and for most of my adult life I had multiple jobs at once.

In May of 2013, I embarked on a journey that is ever changing but always amazing. Being a firefighter is not the job I had in mind when I was younger. I wanted to be a lawyer. Instead, I tried my luck with IFD’s application process. The deeper I got into the prcocess, the more I wanted it.

Now, I’m approaching my 3rd year with the department and absolutely love my job. I answer the call to assist people at possibly their worst moment. Serving my community in such an intimate way is an honor. I’m thankful for the ability to do the work demanded of a firefighter–I’m thankful for my job.


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Thankful: My Pearl…

The girl name ‘Pearl’ means precious or treasure. We may not have named our daughter that but that is exactly what she is–a precious treasure.

Since her birth, my princess and taken over my world causing me to feel a joy that I didn’t even think was possible. Every moment isn’t easy–in fact, you parents already know that even your cutest and sweetest angel will test your last nerve but you still wouldn’t trade them for anything. They just have a way of bringing happiness and love in a way nobody else can.

I didn’t know that I would find someone to have kids with but I found the most incredible woman to share my life with. Our daughter is the manifestation of our love…and we have another on the way!

My baby girl means everything to me. There isn’t much that I wouldn’t do for her. She is the best thing that I will ever have a hand in molding here on Earth. She makes me want to be better at every role that I have–father, husband, protector, provider, counselor, friend. I’m so thankful for my lil munchkin!


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Thankful: A Good Thing…

 This is how Proverbs 18:22 reads: “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord.” I knew this was the case before Brianna assumed the title of wife–my wife–but she is what is good in me and why I feel that my life has received favor from the moment I met her.

This woman has taught me, stabled me, cheered me, put up with me, consoled me, scolded me, challenged me, celebrated me, and kept me. Brianna does all of that and so much more for me…and for others. Nobody has a bigger heart than her. She has a laugh that’s infectious and a smile that’ll brighten anyone’s day. I think Brianna can best be seen in her element when she is playing with our daughter; she is the best mother I could have hoped for my children.

I’m thankful to have a solid partner who loves me in spite of me and makes me feel like I can conquer the world just because she’s on my side. I’m thankful for Brianna.


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Focus Series: Thanksgiving 2015

Life is pretty good for me. There isn’t much for me to complain about and if I do then it’s probably not really a big deal–but that wasn’t always the case. I’ve been blessed to overcome a number of very tough situations in life. There were a number of times when I just didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel or understood why I was going through the painful valleys.

I like to share my testimonies with the hope that they give others hope. I know what it feels like to be in total despair and have complete hopelessness take over your heart and mind…but I also know what it feels like to come out on the other side of the darkness.

All that I have in my life is because of God so I first want to say that I am thankful for His love and mercy toward me. This Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), I will focus on four of my recent and treasured blessings that I am thankful for.



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12 Hours Left

So I’m getting married today. What’s that about?! A year ago today I graduated from IFD’s fire academy. Within that time, I moved four times, gained my dream career, and became a daddy. Today, I get married. Wow.

I’ve always wanted to get married but didn’t always believed that it would happened. Anyone that has lived and experienced the ups and downs of love knows that it can beat you down emotionally–to the point where you want to throw in the towel and just accept that you are just going to be alone. I got to that point. Truth be told, I was there when I met Brianna. I didn’t think that there was any hope for me to find my life partner but the moment I saw her I thought, “There’s my wife.”

The next day, I told someone that “I saw my wife last night” and I still believed it. It was an odd feeling, like I’d been hit with the ‘thunderbolt’ that Michael Corleone got hit with when he saw Applonia the first time. I’ve been in love with Brianna every since.

It’s kinda hard to think what life was like before her but I remember and it just felt empty. Admittedly, we did know each other long before things got serious but it always felt right–we were meant to be together. Now, I can’t imagine life without her; I guess that’s why I asked her to marry me. Everyone seeks and deserves that special someone that makes life more enjoyable, someone that loves you in spite of you.

This past week has been tough for me because I just want to tell everyone how much I love this woman and how much she means to me. Words don’t do it justice but I try anyway and probably annoy people in the process…but I don’t care. I can talk about my Bree all day. She made me believe in true love again. She sustains and propels me. She holds me down and keeps me sane. She loves me in spite of me. She said ‘yes’ and that makes me 12 hours from being married to the best lady in the world.



My heart belongs to this woman


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What’s mine is mine…and Facebook’s?!

So, I started to see a few of my friends on Facebook post a similar statement. The idea, I guess, was to “strictly forbid” for Facebook (or any entities associated with Facebook) to use any information or photos posted on their wall. My initial thought was that it seems silly doing this since whatever you post demonstrates that you are fine with the information or photo to be share–since you’re the one doing it. But I figured, I like to be the one in control of what is shared about me and when it is shared and to whom it is shared. That’s when I posted this:


Of course, I received a few responses to this post from friends basically letting me know that this was going to be ineffective. In my defense, I was skeptical about this to begin with but I figured that it does no harm to put it out there for Facebook to know where I stood. This whole privacy thing was also covered by a few news organizations, too.

A couple of the replies I got directed me to and so I let curiosity take me to the site and I looked up the article Facebook Privacy Notice. The piece says “Facebook users cannot retroactively negate any of the privacy or copyright terms they agreed to when they signed up for their accounts, nor can they unilaterally alter or contradict any new privacy or copyright terms instituted by Facebook, simply by posting a contrary legal notice on their Facebook walls”. That totally make sense–you can’t agree to something, sign on the dotted line, shake hands on it, then change the rules; the world just doesn’t work like that. Later in the article, the author mentions a few action you can take if you don’t like Facebook’s privacy policy:

  • don’t sign up for Facebook (Believe it or not, many people have take this approach.)
  • bilaterally negotiate a modified policy with Facebook (Good luck getting that done.)
  • lobby for Facebook to amend its policies (Again, don’t bet on it.)
  • cancel your Facebook account (I’ve know people who’ve done this. It’s a simple solution.)

I think the takeaway from all of this is that if you are concerned about any information or photos that pertain to you being used by Facebook or any other entity on the web then you should think twice (or thrice) before posting it. Even if Facebook took our ‘dis-allowance’ seriously, that doesn’t mean that others would act the same way. People have wrongful taken information and pictures to use for bad-natured, spiteful, and even malicious reasons (ever heard of bullying or catfishing?) Either be careful of what you put out there, if you chose to put things out there, or be ready for the possibility that some of the things that you put out there can be taken and use for intentions that you never designed for them to. It’s an unfortunate side-effect of the Internet.


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