What’s mine is mine…and Facebook’s?!

So, I started to see a few of my friends on Facebook post a similar statement. The idea, I guess, was to “strictly forbid” for Facebook (or any entities associated with Facebook) to use any information or photos posted on their wall. My initial thought was that it seems silly doing this since whatever you post demonstrates that you are fine with the information or photo to be share–since you’re the one doing it. But I figured, I like to be the one in control of what is shared about me and when it is shared and to whom it is shared. That’s when I posted this:


Of course, I received a few responses to this post from friends basically letting me know that this was going to be ineffective. In my defense, I was skeptical about this to begin with but I figured that it does no harm to put it out there for Facebook to know where I stood. This whole privacy thing was also covered by a few news organizations, too.

A couple of the replies I got directed me to and so I let curiosity take me to the site and I looked up the article Facebook Privacy Notice. The piece says “Facebook users cannot retroactively negate any of the privacy or copyright terms they agreed to when they signed up for their accounts, nor can they unilaterally alter or contradict any new privacy or copyright terms instituted by Facebook, simply by posting a contrary legal notice on their Facebook walls”. That totally make sense–you can’t agree to something, sign on the dotted line, shake hands on it, then change the rules; the world just doesn’t work like that. Later in the article, the author mentions a few action you can take if you don’t like Facebook’s privacy policy:

  • don’t sign up for Facebook (Believe it or not, many people have take this approach.)
  • bilaterally negotiate a modified policy with Facebook (Good luck getting that done.)
  • lobby for Facebook to amend its policies (Again, don’t bet on it.)
  • cancel your Facebook account (I’ve know people who’ve done this. It’s a simple solution.)

I think the takeaway from all of this is that if you are concerned about any information or photos that pertain to you being used by Facebook or any other entity on the web then you should think twice (or thrice) before posting it. Even if Facebook took our ‘dis-allowance’ seriously, that doesn’t mean that others would act the same way. People have wrongful taken information and pictures to use for bad-natured, spiteful, and even malicious reasons (ever heard of bullying or catfishing?) Either be careful of what you put out there, if you chose to put things out there, or be ready for the possibility that some of the things that you put out there can be taken and use for intentions that you never designed for them to. It’s an unfortunate side-effect of the Internet.


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The 33rd Annual Day of Life Celebration

Thank you for the love! Every year is better than the one before!

Thank you for the love! Every year is better than the one before!

So today is my 33rd birthday. I’ve been getting mad love from people all day long and it’s always a great feeling. Calls, text messages, Facebook postings, Twitter tweets…the academy recruit class even sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.

Birthdays for some people are just a reminder that they are getting older. I don’t lose sight that I’m aging but I love to celebrate my birthday — seriously, my close friends have had to endure my epic week-long (and sometimes longer) extravaganzas! Every year, I look back over the previous 365 days. I’ve had moments today to reflect on time between my 32nd and 33rd birthdays. In the early part of that year, I was at a job where I was promoted but never got to enjoy that new position because my employer at the time found a way to let me go. It took about roughly two months for my bank account to be completely emptied while trying to keep up with my bills. I became a nomadic couch surfer and ended up moving multiple times. I started working in a high school. I quit working at a clothing store. I gained a major role in a small business. I had some folks that I thought would be there for me disappear. I had some new special people become a part of my life. I had some constant friends be exactly that…constants and friends. I also gained an opportunity to my dream job. Old baggage was shaken off. New love has budded. More blessings are coming.

As I look back over those 365 days, I can’t help but be thankful. I’m grateful for the struggles because they help me appreciate the good times. What is nice is that I have so many people who really love me. There are people who are pulling for me, supporting me, encouraging me, and celebrating me. I know that I say it every year but I’m truly overwhelmed by all of the love and good vibes sent to me on my Annual Day of Life Celebration. You warm my heart and make me feel like a very blessed man.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

The fact that people still take the time to genuinely show interest to take even just a moment to celebrate me makes me extremely happy. I’m humbled by the amount of times I’ve been contacted today. It may be cliched, but I honestly mean this: I love you all. I greatly appreciate having you in my life and the well-wishes shared.



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Saturday Evening Rambling

Don’t mind me, I’m just talking…royalty-free-parrot-clipart-illustration-1045745

IFD logo 5-28-10What a busy week! I just completed my first week of fire academy training — well, the schedule says so. It was mainly an orientation week. My brain was bombarded with history of the Indianapolis Fire Department, what it means to be a firefighter (and particularly, an IFD firefighter), what to expect between now and October 16th, and how incredibly lucky the 38 recruits are for just being in that classroom with the opportunity to obtain our dream career. We got this — 20 weeks, one day at a time.

Charlee SnuggleOne thing I know that I’m going to need this summer is my dog, Charlee. I moved a number of times in 2013 and that put a lot of stress on my pup. Instead of constantly putting my puppy through a new relocation every two to three months, he moved in with my parents. But I miss him…a lot! And after the vet visit this morning, I think he misses me. My mom has made him a fat lazy ass and I’m not happy with that so I have been working on getting the fence at my place completely fixed in order to bring him back to me. Charlee needs to be whipped back into shape and I miss my wild and crazy pup!

running-sydney_wide-66de7af7e96461730a2d63d24d3c1af426af2610-s6-c30I took a run on the Monon today. I normally run through the Broad Ripple area but decided to go a little further north; a few of my recruit classmates were going to be working out up there. After that run, I realized that I was willing to do whatever is needed to show those guys that they could count on me. I was late getting there because I was dealing with my dog at the vet but I got there and I put in work; through the pollen and the sore shin, I sweated my ass off in my Superman workout shirt and was happy about it because I knew that they understood that I was all in.

Talking_Tees_Top_Icons_A1I had a quick chat with my best friend before my day even got started. He reminded me that the next 20 weeks will be tough, maybe even the toughest that I’ve gone through in my life but that it would be worth it in the end. I not only trust him because he’s my best friend but he’s gone through this — he’s a cop and the police’s training schedule is very similar (although, he did laugh when he saw my ginormous text books…”Damn, we didn’t have books like that!”). My buddy reminded me to take time to decompress but stay focused on the end goal. This was a good Saturday — let’s see if I can string 19 more like this in a row.




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Lent Day 47

If you make a list daily, you will find that there is at least one thing that you can be grateful for every single day that you wake up...probably more than!!!

If you make a list daily, you will find that there is at least one thing that you can be grateful for every single day that you wake up…probably more!!

Something to make you smile: Create a gratitude list for the day–including the smallest detail (like a fluffy pillow) and the biggest things (like your family and health). It will be a great exercise to make you realize how wonderful your daily life really is. Everyday is full of wonderful gifts and blessings and we should fully enjoy them in the moment because they all of special in making the experience of life so awesome!

Scripture used in Sunday sermon: Matthew 28: 1-10 NIV

Happy Easter!!!Happy-Easter-Messages



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Lent Day 46

Take pictures of good things. You could share a quick story of the moment on Facebook and spread the good vibes!

Take pictures of good things. You could share a quick story of the moment on Facebook and spread the good vibes!

Something to make you smile: Grab your camera with the mission to capture things that make you happy. If you get positive energy from it, snap a shot. At the end of the day, you can look at the different pictures that you took and can smile at those moments that brought you even the simplest joys throughout the day!

Devotional scripture of the day: John 20: 1-31 NIV


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Lent Day 45

This is fun alone but when you are making up conversations with a friend, you can come up with all kinds of wild stories!

This is fun alone but when you are making up conversations with a friend, you can come up with all kinds of wild stories!

Something to make you smile: People-watch with a dialogue-writing slant. Find two people sitting across the street and make up a ridiculous conversation in your head that they could be having. Silly?…Yes, but still pretty funny and guarantees a laugh.

Devotional scripture of that day: John 19: 28-42 NIV

Happy Good Friday!


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Lent Day 44

We can always use some good news and there's plenty out there to find!

We can always use some good news and there’s plenty out there to find!

Something to make you smile: Visit a positive news site. There are tons of them and with all of the bad news getting attention, we need to seek out the good stuff to enjoy that is happening daily.

Devotional scripture of the day: John 19: 16-27 NIV


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