Defensive player Ronnie Saunders officially joined the Indiana Nighthawks on May 13, 2012 and officially ended his tenure with the Indianapolis Tornados after just one season. The Nighthawks newest addition to the roster released the following statement:

The decision to make the move from the Tornados to the Nighthawks did not come lightly. I had multiple days and nights where I pondered on the possible switch. I was invited to the Nighthawks back in the winter but passed on it because I felt a loyal connection to the Tornados and wanted to give things a shot with a second season with them. After going through almost the whole preseason with the Tornados and having a chance to get a few looks the Nighthawks’ team, particularly the defense, I feel that the move is right and the time for it is now.

I hold no ill feelings toward the Tornados and wish them the best throughout the season. I feel that I have a lot to contribute to a football team and the Nighthawks will afford me the opportunity to do what I know that I can to add to the growth and success of this new organization. While I still have the ability to play, I want to give my all to the game; the Nighthawks will allow that. Again, I have nothing but love for the Tornados because they gave me my first look at semi-pro ball but my time with the club has come to an end and a new chapter starting with the Nighthawks will begin.

Saunders was chiefly a special teams player with the Indianapolis Tornados but the Indiana Nighthawks have expressed the possibility of working him into the starting defense, most likely at a linebacker position but he could also see time at strong safety. Saunders’ move reunites him with Nighthawks Defensive Coordinator Perry McMurren who was the Defensive Backs Coach for the Tornados last year.

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