Our country has seen the level of divisiveness on a number of issues over the past dozen years, at least, and certainly within the last four years. Taxes, health care reform, education, the economy — there are a whole host of topics but one that really has been on my mind and taking up its share of news coverage is abortion.

“You can be anti-abortion but you don’t have to be anti-abortion access.” -Steve Oh of The Young Turks

That statement really rung in my head. I heard it while listening to a show on the internet at work and it stopped me in my tracks. “That is the point,” I thought to myself. You have to believe that women are well informed or at least have access to information prior to even considering an abortion; it isn’t something where one just cavalierly draws a conclusion. It’s literally a life-or-death situation where extremely careful thinking is required.

I understand that we have different views on abortion. It is absolutely okay to be against the idea or the procedure but we should want to afford women the access to safe and healthy ways of abortion that can be done by trained professionals. The fact of the matter is that someone who wants an abortion will have one done — the question is will it be done safely or not. People will go to extreme measures when they are pinned in a situation with limited opportunities or access.

Steve Oh is spot on with his comment. Be anti-abortion. That’s fine but don’t block those who may need the access or information from it. Doing so is just wrong. The situation that an individual woman is facing is difficult enough without a religious or ideological view imposed on her. We should at the very least let her exercise her right as a free and rational person to have the access to a healthy and safe procedure.