I recently have been encountering changes in my life. I have seen a new opportunities for my professional business career; I made a move to a new semi-pro football team; and I have come across a lot of new people that seem to be bringing some new positive energy.

Over the past year or so, I have had a number of ups and downs. The highs have been pretty good but the lows were pretty horrible. At times, admittedly, life seemed bad enough for me to wonder what was the point and my faith was shaken. When I take a moment to look back, I remember that I’ve been through tough times but I always make it through.

It’s not really because of anything special that I do but what God does for me. He sustains me to get through my rough moments. I think it’s to make me stronger for whatever He has for me in the future. It’s like this: God’s training me. He gets me in the gym with a little pressure then I get His relief. After a rest, He gets me with more pressure then relief. With some recovery, I get more pressure and then rest. Instead of working a physical muscle, God works my faith.

A few weeks ago, I received an email and this was in the body of the message:

Are you ready for a new chapter in your life? In order to move forward into the blessings God has for you, you have to be willing to let go of the old. The things that are behind you are not nearly as important as what is out in front of you. It’s time to get ready for the “new”!

You may have had some unfair things happen, things that you don’t understand. But let me tell you, you have come too far to stop now. Instead of allowing those things to hold you back, why don’t you let go and take a step of faith into the new? It’s time to get a new, bigger vision; it’s time to get a new, fresher outlook; it’s time to rise up with a new attitude! Instead of settling where you are, pick up and move forward. Have the attitude that says, “I may not understand it; it may not have been fair, but I am not getting stuck on this page. I know God has a new chapter for me—a chapter filled with blessings, favor and victory!

Stay focused on moving forward and expecting the “new”. When life causes you to slip up a bit, keep your head up and press on. God wants to see you succeed. It may be tough but keep a positive outlook and know that you’re just being trained to handle the awesome “new” that’s coming your way!