The Indiana Nighthawks will kickoff the franchise’s very first game on Saturday, July 14, 2012 at 7:00p.m.  It will take place at Park Tudor Stadium (the Nighthawks’ home field) against the Indiana Generals; both teams are members of the MSFL.  This is a highly anticipated match between a well-known Indiana powerhouse in the semi-pro football ranks and a completely untested band of talented players.

Nighthawks Home Jersey: 25 – Carson Johnson – FS

The obvious questions come up:  What will the Nighthawks look like?  How bad are the Generals going to stomp the new team?  When will the Nighthawks fold?  Could this develop into a quality rivalry?  The expectations for this game is all over the place.  The stands will be full of family, friends, and fans of both teams but also plenty of players, coaches, and scouts from other Indiana semi-pro teams will be on hand to see how this game turns out.

On a personal note, I am pretty excited about the game.  My former team is doing work in the GDFL right now and it would be great to still be apart of a squad that is literally feared as soon as other teams sees us on the schedule but being apart of a team from the start is something special.  To be that very first team to don the jersey of a franchise is not something that a player gets to do often — even in semi-pro football, where teams fold and merge every year.  For me, the chance do that just adds to the hype for me.  I already know that I will have difficulty sleeping on Friday and getting through the day on Saturday but to add to the anxiety, I will be in Virginia for work and my flight does not return until 14 minutes before kickoff…talk about cutting it close!

I hope that the stadium is jam packed.  I hope that nobody gets hurt.  I hope that everyone involved gets to enjoy some great football.  I hope that my flight gets in early…or at least on time.  Most of all, I hope that the Nighthawks win.  We will only have one chance to win our first game ever.  Look for #3 on Team Blackout (Nighthawk defense) doing my part.