Nighthawks Defense lining up to take on the Lions

This past Saturday, the Indiana Nighthawks set out on their first road game; it was in Melrose Park, IL against the Leyden Lions. I did not travel with the team as I was nursing a few injuries and, more importantly, I was participating in a friend’s wedding. From what I heard, it was a pretty tough game for the Nighthawks.

From what I gathered, the first half was pretty tight. The Nighthawks and the Lions were duking it out. Each team scored a touchdown; the Lions’ offense punched it into the endzone while the Nighthawks’ special teams took a kick to the house. The halftime score was 10-8 with the home team Lions having the slight edge.

The second half was an apparent different story all together. The Nighthawks seemed to have problems on both offense and defense; the Lions found success with the fullback carrying the ball up the gut. The Nighthawks defense suffered a couple of injuries and the Lions exploited that weakened middle. The Lions were able to roll on to a 37-14 victory over the Nighthawks.

The Nighthawks are still seeking their first franchise win and have the focus on this coming Saturday’s game in Peoria, IL where they will take on the Midstate Steel. The Steel and the Nighthawks are winless thus far this MSFL season. This is a key game for both squads as they look to get into the win column before the mid point of the season.