Nighthawks Win!
Franchise’s first win!

The Indiana Nighthawks made history by obtaining the franchise’s first victory. The win came in a fashion that added extra sweetness to the victory. This was a road game; the previous two road games did not go well for the Nighthawks ending in losses. The team also only traveled with roughly a third of the roster; many players played on offense and defense. Both the offense and defense were clicking on all cylinders; the defense shut out the Joliet Buccaneers while the Nighthawk offense put up 36 points.

The Nighthawks started the game on offense but the first series proved not to be all that fruitful after having minimal success advancing the football; one first was managed then a punt. When TeamBLACKOUT stepped onto the field against the Bucs’ offense, it was a bend but don’t break scenario. The Bucs were able to move the ball despite the Nighthawks holding them to little or no gains on first and second downs. The Bucs eventually punted the ball away. The offense made quick work and put the ball in the endzone.

The tempo of the game quickened from that point. The Bucs’ offense moved backwards on its first two plays and on the third I benefited from being in the right place at the right time to intercept a bad cross-field pass. The Nighthawk offense advanced to ball quickly in for another score. The Buccaneers made a push at the end of the first half and got inside the redzone, poised to score but TeamBLACKOUT made a stand to keep them from putting any points on the board. The Nighthawks lead going into halftime, 18-0.

The Nighthawk offense started the second half driving the ball against the Bucs’ defense. The ground attack was working to keep the Buc defense on its heels and tire them out from spending so much time on the field — something that the Nighthawks’ defense was use to experiencing. The Nighthawk offense was able to put together a string of drives that completely took the air out of the Bucs’ defense while TeamBLACKOUT kept punishing the Buc’s offense and causing turnovers. When it was all said and done, the Nighthawks has amassed almost 500 yards of offense en route to putting up 36 points and created 5 turnovers on defense and leaving the Buccaneers scoreless. Certainly a historic way to gain the first franchise win.

Offense and Defense made it happen!
Offense and Defense made it happen!

"Strike a pose...We celebratin' tonight!"
“Strike a pose…We celebratin’ tonight!”