This past Saturday on the 22nd, the Indy Oranje event took place at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Oranje is a contemporary art and music event showcasing progressive artists and musicians. There were a little of everything to peak your curiosities – painters, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, metal workers, ceramicists, glassblowers, poets, hair designers, woodworkers, composers, fashion designers, cartoonists, DJs, musicians, performance artists, chefs…and people who appreciate exciting cultural experiences.

Centennial Hall and Dow AgroSciences Celebration Park hosted artists and vendors inside with flashing lights and outside with moonlight sky. I went with my two best friends to check this year’s exhibition; we hadn’t been for the past two years when it was still being held in a warehouse near Downtown Indianapolis. This was the first time it was held at the Fairgrounds, offering a bigger venue to play host.

If you live in the Indy area and have never been then I suggest that you go next year. It is a really cool exploration into art and expression. The event seems to get bigger and bigger with each passing year — more artists and designers were in attendance showcasing their work or rocking the exhibition hall. My friends and I appreciate all sorts of art and music and Oranje provides a gallery of non-traditional and edgy images and sounds to reign.

The next time Oranje holds its yearly extravaganza, get there! Take in the opportunity to appreciate and learn about new forms of entertainment, art, and fashion. It is a great forum to meet new people and understand more about expressions that you may not have been familiar with before the annual celebration. As the Oranje motto goes: Indulge your senses.