This was such a regular day. I got up, went to work, answered calls, worked my files, and dealt with traffic. I even had the pleasure to chat with a lady I’m interested in but the chore to work my part-time job in the evening.

There were some things that happened that don’t normally occur in my day. I got offered a contract to play football for an arena football team. I saved a retailed store over $700 of merchandise from being stolen by thieves.

I had a text conversation with a close friend at the end of this day and I had a moment where I felt that I was outside of myself watching me text. I sent one particular message that said, “I think that I’m almost happy. It feels good.” It was like I was trying to convince myself but I already knew it.

Almost happy? Yes, that’s where I’m at. Things aren’t perfect, they aren’t even great. Hell, average is a good day for me because I am literally just getting by — but, more than ever before, I feel that I am on the verge of deep and sustained happiness. It actually is around the corner for me.

This feeling is amazing. I’m alone, broke, hungry, tired, but almost blindly optimistic. Most would call it faith but I don’t know if that works…at least not today. It’s a new feeling today — I don’t quite know how to describe it but I’ll say one thing:

I’m almost happy and if I feel like this while in the situations that I am then I think that I’ll be completely overjoyed when I am actually really happy.