I don’t really know too many people who like to show that they can be that. I bet very few people that you and I know don’t mind show that they can be vulnerable from time to time.

What does it mean to be vulnerable? From Dictionary.com, the definition is “capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt”…Hmmm. No wonder the average person doesn’t ever really want to show that this is possible for him or her.

There are many situations that can one feel that way. Unexpected negative events can really do a number on us–home being broken into, car wrecked in traffic. Two years ago, I got a concussion playing football and realized that I can be vulnerable of the football field.

Can being vulnerable be a good thing? How can the possibility of being susceptible to being hurt be positive? Why would you even consider being vulnerable?

We do it more often than we actually think, open up and become vulnerable. When we form relationships and friendships, we usually let others into our deeper self. Intimate thoughts, ideas, secrets, and feelings get shared. This can be dangerous because there are some jerks out there that will either take advantage of you or mistreat what you’ve chosen to share.

So why risk being vulnerable? If we never opened ourselves up to others, how would we get all of the great friends that we have? How would we ever find that special lady or guy that we want to share our time and heart with? Yes, most of us have been burned by opening up to someone that probably didn’t deserve it but I’m of the opinion that everyone should get the opportunity to fail. There’s nothing wrong with being guarded initially with someone new to gauge how deep you will want to let that connection go.

I’d like to encourage those hardened by wrongs committed against you in the past to open up to new people who you feel genuinely take interest in you and your thoughts and feelings. You never know where that connection can soar when the vulnerable feeling is fed with respect and trust.