Gratitude Happens Now!
Gratitude Happens Now!

The first installment of the July Gratitude Recap series for 2013 covers a week that started pretty wildly for me. Uncertainty was the prevailing feeling the first couple of days but the week that holds my birthday couldn’t be completely bad, right?…Heck no — this week was great!

July 1

I am grateful to have made it back home safely have a semi-hectic day at Dulles (IAD). I got there early because my foot is in a boot but that didn’t mean that I didn’t have to stand for an extended period while the security check was on lockdown and people were running around…a lil scary. After reopening security check, my gate was changed twice then my flight was delayed 2 hours. It was still later than the delay due to the bumpy and stormy weather but when I touched down 3 1/2 hour after my expected time, I exhaled and expressed my thanks. I love to travel but that that day, it’s good to be home. Gratitude.

July 2
I’m grateful for a job. Saturday, I found out that my department was dissolved. I was thinking that I got laid off…fast forward to today (the first day of my vacation), I go into the office for answers. Nobody could tell me any creditable info and I was pretty sure that I ha lost my job. When I left, I was pretty upset. I received a call from my agency executive director and he not only confirmed that I was still employed but I was promoted. Promoted?!…Yes. The emotional roller coaster! I just wanted to keep my job…I got promoted! And I’m happy. Gratitude.
July 3
I’m thankful for a working car. The last car drowned. Sad day for the Altima. Gratitude.
July 3
The love one is shown on his birthday can be overwhelming. My family and friends are the best a guy could wish for. I’m touched and thank all who choose to care about me. I hope that each of my peeps know that they are special to me. Gratitude.
July 4
It is an imperfect one but we live in the best country in the world. The best opportunity for success and happiness is here in the United States of America. For being born in the ‘land of the free and home of the brave’, I am grateful because a lot of people around the world don’t get to enjoy a lot of what I take for granted daily. Happy Birthday, USA. Gratitude.
July 5
Like most single people my age, I have been through some good and bad relationships…but I’m still single. That’s not completely bad because I’m grateful for the experiences. I have a better idea of what I want in a companion and what I won’t put up with. The “one” will come when the time is right but for all of those who didn’t work out — Gratitude.
July 6
My sister has always had my back. She was my first real friend. Whenever I caused a raucous, she was my audience. My sis, Ashley, is the best and is always down to celebrate my accomplishments. She’s smarter than me; she’s an awesome dancer (like, in musicals and ballets); she’s caring and compassionate; and she’s never judge mental toward anyone. I’m grateful to be blessed with a great sister. Gratitude.
July 7
Sometimes, he can be a pain but my pup Charlee always shows me love and wants my attention. He never abandons me and seems to know my mood at all times. I couldn’t imagine being without this dog. Gratitude.

Yeah, I know that I did two on the 3rd ut I figured that you all would allow me an extra one on my birthday. Every person, experience, event, and action has value. The energy shared and the lessons learned have something that we can be grateful for. Stay tuned for the another week of Gratitude.