Gratitude Happens Now!
Gratitude Happens Now!

Okay, so my vacation is over and I’m back at work. Right now, a lot of my duties are the same as my transition to the new gig will be an extended one–you can just see the excitement on my face…not. I made it through the week and it was one that certainly tested me but the high points are what kept me going.

July 8 (kinda)
I’m grateful for the tests no matter the form. They may be difficult but they help me grow. Gratitude.
July 9
I’m glad that I have endurance…not only in the physical sense but emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. A lot of the stuff that I’ve been thru could’ve broken me but one learns to fight thru and get stronger. Like you test your muscles, your heart and mind get tested. I have my moments where I want to just sit on the sideline and not go on but then I remember that I always find the will to push thru. For those tests and obstacles in all forms — Gratitude.
July 10
I’m grateful for my mother. That’s a special woman. Enough said. Gratitude.
July 11
My place of work is experiencing some major chances and my transition from my old role to my new one has extremely stressful this week. It has been made slightly easier with the aid and assistance from coworkers that I’ve had rare occasion to work with before. I’ve been on the receiving end of more help then my previous four year in the last four days. Sometimes, you don’t know who you work with…It doesn’t hurt to really find out. Gratitude.
July 12
I’m grateful for peaceful and tranquil moments. The world has so many distractions. Life keeps us extremely busy. When you get those completely still moments to relax and reflect–like I have right now–take advantage. Gratitude.
July 13
I’m happy to still be able to play the sport that I love at a high level. Nothing compares to the feeling that I get when I step on the football field, strap up the helmet with the pad on and just let loose! Playing semi-pro football is one of the greatest things that I never thought that I would get the chance to do. Thank you God for the opportunity and the ability. Thank you to everyone who support. Gratitude.
July 14
Traveling and meeting new people helps broaden your understanding of people and helps squash any fears or misconceptions. I’m grateful to not only have been able to see and meet folks from all over this country but foreign ones, too. The kid from Indiana has been to Denmark, Norway, the UK, Canada…he lived in Las Vegas…he has visited over half of the states in the US…with all of that, making friends from all over the world. Seeing the difference in how people live from all over is amazing! I feel that it has enriched me as an individual and gives me this ability to adapt and relate to just about anyone. For everyone outside of Indiana who welcome the kid from the Midwest–Gratitude.
Through the good and less than favorable, there is plenty to be grateful for. Just keep living and experiencing. You will find so many little gifts to be happy for and on the journey you get surprised with some mighty grand gifts. Continue to find the gems scattered throughout each day for you. They are out there for you to enjoy and appreciate. Swim in the Gratitude.