Gratitude Happens Now!We have past the half way mark of the best month of the year. It hasn’t been as sunny as it normally is for July in Indiana but it still has been an interesting and fun month. It is still summer time and full of laughter, pool time, and no school busses. For me, it means the football season is in full swing, even with a stress fracture in my foot. I might not be happy about that but here is what I am grateful for:

July 15

I got to have dinner with my cousin and her lil son tonight. A kid’s happiness is infectious! I’m so glad that the pint-sized homie brought a smile to my face. Kids’ genuine joy instantly makes me happy. Gratitude.

July 16

Sunshine. I think it’s taken for granted so often but when you work in the basement of a ginormous building the moments you get to take a break, get some fresh air, and let the rays beam down on you…it almost gives me a sense of rebirth. I love sunshine and feel like I can’t get enough of it. For the moments that I spend with the sky smiling down me, Gratitude.

July 17

I don’t wish for anyone to go through the struggles that I do but the truth of matter is that some of my friends experience some if the same downs that I do–sometimes, at the same time. I’m grateful to have folks that can relate to my valleys when I’m down. It lets me know that I don’t feel these problems much differently than others and they are supportive in driving me to a more positive place. To those struggling through life like me, Gratitude.

July 18

Insight to know when to move and when to sit still. Life experiences have taught me that. Gratitude.

July 19

I’m grateful for the Twitter. ‘Why, Ronnie? That is an odd one to be grateful for.’ Well, if it weren’t for Twitter than I wouldn’t know the fantastic soul that pioneered Gratitude Happens Now. She makes me smile every time we talk. Her energy is always positive. Madam Danae Robinett is an awesome force of nature and I’m humble that she includes me in her world. To my friend, Happy Birthday! To Twitter, Gratitude.

July 20

Humbling moments. Every now and then, I get caught up in situations thinking where I think that I can do more than I can. When I get checked, I’m reminded that I’m talented but I can always get better. Never get the ‘big head’…For reality checks–Gratitude.

July 21

My church just celebrated 120 years of existence today. I’ve been a member for about 20 years. My church family has offered love and support. They are constantly interested in what is going on in my life in a genuine way. When I moved to Las Vegas, they stay connected and check on me. When I moved back, they helped me get readjusted back to Indy. When I questioned my faith, opened their arms and give me comfort and guidance. For the existence of Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church , Gratitude.

This may have been a tough week to get through but that is life. It’s not going to always be sunshine and rose-scented but you find the little things to enjoy and take comfort in. That is was get us from day to day and week to week. Remember to lean on what you know, embrace the good, and keep striving for better. There is always a reason to show Gratitude.