So another July has come and gone. This was a particularly different July than I was use to. The weather was cooler on average with some rainy days. I typically celebrate the whole month because July is my birth month but due to setbacks, my partying mood was subdued from time to time. For what is normally a completely jubilant month for me, 2013 made it hard for me to constantly be grateful — but I found something for everyday of the month.

July 22

The gym is a place I can let my frustrations and aggression out in a healthy way. Days like today are perfect to fight the iron…too sad to cry but too angry to yell. That’s when I fight the gym–I rarely lose. Gratitude.


July 23

Whatever this ‘transition’ that’s happening at my place of employment is, I’m grateful. For those who have heard how I feel about what I’ve been going through lately, this may not sound consistent but this has to be preparing me for something better. Diamonds are made with pressure–Gratitude.


July 24 (kinda)

I’m grateful for modern medicine. I put my body through a lot of craziness and if I didn’t have the good sense to see doctors then I would most likely be dead right now. For the advancement [in] medical and availability [of] treatment, Gratitude.


July 25

I’m glad that I broke out the shy shell that I once had. Believe it or not, there was a time where I was scared to say what was on my mind. I don’t know if I got ticked off enough with someone or felt so overwhelmingly happy about something that triggered the change. I’m sure it was a gradual personal development but I wouldn’t have gotten a lot of the things that I wanted or a lot of people would not know how much I appreciate their energy or I might still get mistreated by those who disregarded me or I could have missed out on some fantastic life exeperiences. To the inner power that responsibly speaks out when called for, Gratitude.


July 26

On a day like today, it is difficult to be super grateful…so, I’ll just be happy that I’m alive and that tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life. Gratitude.


July 27

I connected with some very insightful, resourceful, and helpful people in the last 24 hours. Given my current ‘situation’, I’m very grateful for good people wantting to assist me. Gratitude.


July 28

I got to go back to college town today. Brought back so many memories. I’m grateful for those who made my college years fantastic. So many special people invested into me from 1999 to 2004. Gratitude.


July 29

Most everyone has a best friend (who isn’t blood) that they can lean on when times are tough. My homie Kevin “Moose” Moore always keeps it real with me but supports me when I need it. Thanks, my guy. Gratitude.


July 30

Here is a simple one: music. I listen to all different genres and artist[s]. It all depends on my mood or what I’m up to. From DMX to Norah Jones to Bodyrox to John Legend to Deadmau5…you’ll find that and more in my iTunes library. I love music…Such a great way to express yourself. For the ability to apprecicate and feel music, Gratitude.


July 31

Today, I’m grateful for everyone that participated in ‘Gratitude Happens Now’. All of your moments, events, thoughts, and memories made me smile. You fueled me thru this hectic, fun, terrible, emotional July. I feel like you’ve become my new friend group. Love you all…Gratitude.

Wow. Again, what a July 2013. Special shout out to Danae Robinett for starting this year and continuing it this year. Miss D is a beautiful soul with a high energy for life and her positive vibes are infectious–what a wonderful woman! She forced us to daily reflect on what we have gone through and challenges us to not find something to be grateful for. This isn’t an exercise that is exclusive to July but this is a great example to show that you can find something ever single day, even the bad ones, to celebrate. Please check Danae’s web site at bellayogini.com.

Stay positive and celebrate the little things along with the big things in life. Life may be crazy from time to time but it is always full of adventures to be had, opportunities to take advantage of, and memories to be created.

Gratitude happens now…