Over the past few months, I have been wanting to do more reading and writing. I have been doing more reading for work related purposes but I have tried to make more time to read for pleasure… and writing, too.

I use to write poetry in high school. It wasn’t something that I promoted; my work was rarely shared. The world is now dealt a less shy Ronnie than the one from over 15 years ago and now I want to publish some of my writings.

I attempted a few short stories back then, as well. Those always proved to be a little difficult for me but I’m trying again. I want to work on my writing abilities and maybe supply my blog readers with some entertaining reading. We all can watch the evolution and growth of my writing.

A Business Affair is going the first installment of a three part series. Not every part will have three sections but they will be extended writings that grow from one ‘book’ to the next. I will announce went the next installment will be published.

Between now and then, you can also expect more poems to be posted; I have already published one on this site before but more will follow. I have also received a few books from friends to read since Christmas and I may write a few book reviews, as well.

I hope you enjoy what I may put on my blog site…Cheers!