Most people don’t know the source of that line but anyone can tell that it is a warning. When you see beware then you can assume that there is a possibility of getting an unwanted result or encountering danger if you continued on your current course. You may see signs — Beware of Dog, Buyer Beware, Beware of High Tide. When you’re given a warning, it would behoove you to not at least take a moment to pause.

For me, March has always been a month of low moments and setbacks. There are countless times in the month of March of years past where I experienced some of my most major defeats. I would usually have my butt whooped by life and wondered how I was going to bounce back by the half way point of the month, the ides.

Recently, I have been thinking about what this March has ready for me. I think the initial let downs from not meeting goals set in January and February (or not being patient enough to let things develop) that were laid out in some kind of New Year’s resolution led to meltdowns and snowballed with negative energy throughout the whole month in years past. Before this month go underway, I thought about the past and what I can see on my horizon. Considering what I have endured the past two years (not just in the two March months), it was time to break the ‘curse’ and charge toward my destiny.

I am actually in a pretty good place in life right now but I’m hungry for more. I’m not where I should be but I’m close. That is what makes March 2014 so interesting and intriguing. There are a number of good things happening for me both professionally and personally but I still have a few known (and maybe some unknown) obstacles that I must overcome. My patience will be tested but that’s okay. I truly believe that this March has the potential of setting the stage for the rest of my life. For once, I don’t fear March…I’m ready for it.

Back to the headline: “Beware the Ides of March” was a warning given to Julius Caesar letting him know that there was a plot for his assassination. Caesar didn’t take the warning seriously but I don’t plan on making that mistake. I’m ready to live.