LentThis is going to be a very challenging 40-plus days for me personally. That is not because of any personal sacrifices that I will be making–although I will be making a few–but because of some personal and professional aspirations that I have already been working toward. I am at the point in a few situations where I am on the verge of some awesome breakthroughs but the final stages are extremely difficult. I plan on fasting, praying, and making a few sacrifices to divert my attention from the tough processes that I’m already wrestling with and to challenge myself in other aspects of my life.

Make sure you smile EVERY single day you wake up!
Make sure you smile EVERY single day you wake up!

To kinda ease things over Lent (at least for me), I will be sharing something that we all can do to make each of us smile. Full disclosure: I read one site titled 51 Things That Will Make You Smile by Lori Deschene and I don’t want to take credit for her list, just know that most of what I share will be from her page as something that we can do daily to make ourselves and others smile. You’ll get almost all of them since Lent is actually 47 days. I hope you take the time to read and hopefully smile!

I'll be using the YouVersion app on my iPhone.
I’ll be using the YouVersion app on my iPhone.

My faith is also an important part of my life and I will be doing a devotional reading plan from YouVersion (www.bible.com) every morning and sharing the verse. I’ll be keeping my own personal journal in regards to what the passages mean to me but I won’t share them on the blog in the hopes of not pushing religion onto people — I’m not ashamed of my faith but I don’t want to alienate anyone either. The comments section will be open for all posts.



To end, here is a cool read on Lent by Wayne Meisel titled Lent: Spring Training for Christians. I think it’s a great overview of Lent and I love the way he outlines what it means to him personally.