Young but stylin’…even when I was tuckered out.

Something to make your smile: Look at pictures from your childhood. Oh, damn…I didn’t plan this but today just happens to be ‘Throwback Thursday’ and I found a ton a pictures of me as a youngin. I was by myself checking these out and cracking up! The good times…the memories…the innocent days. And this is proof that I was always fun to be around–and cute!

Devotional scripture of the day: Luke 20: 9-26 NIV


Ha! The many outfits…from A-Team pj’s to Lionel King of the Thundercats to Easter GQ toddler pimp with a balloon, I was always a show stopper!
The two best people who ever walked the planet have always been with me…my hero Henry “Peepa” Jordan, Jr. and his daughter Bettie Saunders!
Do you see the halo? You would’ve loved this kid!