Don’t mind me, I’m just talking…royalty-free-parrot-clipart-illustration-1045745

IFD logo 5-28-10What a busy week! I just completed my first week of fire academy training — well, the schedule says so. It was mainly an orientation week. My brain was bombarded with history of the Indianapolis Fire Department, what it means to be a firefighter (and particularly, an IFD firefighter), what to expect between now and October 16th, and how incredibly lucky the 38 recruits are for just being in that classroom with the opportunity to obtain our dream career. We got this — 20 weeks, one day at a time.

Charlee SnuggleOne thing I know that I’m going to need this summer is my dog, Charlee. I moved a number of times in 2013 and that put a lot of stress on my pup. Instead of constantly putting my puppy through a new relocation every two to three months, he moved in with my parents. But I miss him…a lot! And after the vet visit this morning, I think he misses me. My mom has made him a fat lazy ass and I’m not happy with that so I have been working on getting the fence at my place completely fixed in order to bring him back to me. Charlee needs to be whipped back into shape and I miss my wild and crazy pup!

running-sydney_wide-66de7af7e96461730a2d63d24d3c1af426af2610-s6-c30I took a run on the Monon today. I normally run through the Broad Ripple area but decided to go a little further north; a few of my recruit classmates were going to be working out up there. After that run, I realized that I was willing to do whatever is needed to show those guys that they could count on me. I was late getting there because I was dealing with my dog at the vet but I got there and I put in work; through the pollen and the sore shin, I sweated my ass off in my Superman workout shirt and was happy about it because I knew that they understood that I was all in.

Talking_Tees_Top_Icons_A1I had a quick chat with my best friend before my day even got started. He reminded me that the next 20 weeks will be tough, maybe even the toughest that I’ve gone through in my life but that it would be worth it in the end. I not only trust him because he’s my best friend but he’s gone through this — he’s a cop and the police’s training schedule is very similar (although, he did laugh when he saw my ginormous text books…”Damn, we didn’t have books like that!”). My buddy reminded me to take time to decompress but stay focused on the end goal. This was a good Saturday — let’s see if I can string 19 more like this in a row.