Thank you for the love! Every year is better than the one before!
Thank you for the love! Every year is better than the one before!

So today is my 33rd birthday. I’ve been getting mad love from people all day long and it’s always a great feeling. Calls, text messages, Facebook postings, Twitter tweets…the academy recruit class even sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.

Birthdays for some people are just a reminder that they are getting older. I don’t lose sight that I’m aging but I love to celebrate my birthday — seriously, my close friends have had to endure my epic week-long (and sometimes longer) extravaganzas! Every year, I look back over the previous 365 days. I’ve had moments today to reflect on time between my 32nd and 33rd birthdays. In the early part of that year, I was at a job where I was promoted but never got to enjoy that new position because my employer at the time found a way to let me go. It took about roughly two months for my bank account to be completely emptied while trying to keep up with my bills. I became a nomadic couch surfer and ended up moving multiple times. I started working in a high school. I quit working at a clothing store. I gained a major role in a small business. I had some folks that I thought would be there for me disappear. I had some new special people become a part of my life. I had some constant friends be exactly that…constants and friends. I also gained an opportunity to my dream job. Old baggage was shaken off. New love has budded. More blessings are coming.

As I look back over those 365 days, I can’t help but be thankful. I’m grateful for the struggles because they help me appreciate the good times. What is nice is that I have so many people who really love me. There are people who are pulling for me, supporting me, encouraging me, and celebrating me. I know that I say it every year but I’m truly overwhelmed by all of the love and good vibes sent to me on my Annual Day of Life Celebration. You warm my heart and make me feel like a very blessed man.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

The fact that people still take the time to genuinely show interest to take even just a moment to celebrate me makes me extremely happy. I’m humbled by the amount of times I’ve been contacted today. It may be cliched, but I honestly mean this: I love you all. I greatly appreciate having you in my life and the well-wishes shared.