So I’m getting married today. What’s that about?! A year ago today I graduated from IFD’s fire academy. Within that time, I moved four times, gained my dream career, and became a daddy. Today, I get married. Wow.

I’ve always wanted to get married but didn’t always believed that it would happened. Anyone that has lived and experienced the ups and downs of love knows that it can beat you down emotionally–to the point where you want to throw in the towel and just accept that you are just going to be alone. I got to that point. Truth be told, I was there when I met Brianna. I didn’t think that there was any hope for me to find my life partner but the moment I saw her I thought, “There’s my wife.”

The next day, I told someone that “I saw my wife last night” and I still believed it. It was an odd feeling, like I’d been hit with the ‘thunderbolt’ that Michael Corleone got hit with when he saw Applonia the first time. I’ve been in love with Brianna every since.

It’s kinda hard to think what life was like before her but I remember and it just felt empty. Admittedly, we did know each other long before things got serious but it always felt right–we were meant to be together. Now, I can’t imagine life without her; I guess that’s why I asked her to marry me. Everyone seeks and deserves that special someone that makes life more enjoyable, someone that loves you in spite of you.

This past week has been tough for me because I just want to tell everyone how much I love this woman and how much she means to me. Words don’t do it justice but I try anyway and probably annoy people in the process…but I don’t care. I can talk about my Bree all day. She made me believe in true love again. She sustains and propels me. She holds me down and keeps me sane. She loves me in spite of me. She said ‘yes’ and that makes me 12 hours from being married to the best lady in the world.


My heart belongs to this woman