A boxer steps into the ring to battle. He heads to the middle of the ring to meet his opponent where they trade blows. He delivers some great shots but takes a couple himself. The bell chimes indicating the end of the round; he turns to his corner. The corner is the place where he recharges, refuels, and regroups. His coach and training staff feed him with water and strategy so he can go out to meet his opponent with the energy and knowledge needed to not be overtaken.

This is the same in life. We venture out to take on the world and we get dinged up and bruised from time to time. Our home is our corner. My wife and I just purchased a new house and are anxious to make it our home. This is a big deal for me because I am a first time home buyer. It’s also a big deal because I am someone that didn’t have his own place for a time period; I relied on the benevolence of others when I wasn’t able to keep my place. But to have your corner that you chose and is where you can seek refuge is huge. My corner will have my wife to help me stay focused on my goals, my daughters to keep me inspired to rise to higher heights, and my God to provide me with the strengthen needed to persevere no matter the circumstance.

It is exciting to have bought a new house that is primed to be made into a home. I can’t help but to wonder what memories our home will hold. My corner, my home is where my everything will come from that I need to handle what the streets have for me. I’m thankful for the corner–our new home.